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To decrease the cost of Study to the minimum, we offer students to enroll into intensive Russian/ Ukrainian language program (Preparatory Faculty). On completion the student is eligible to continue his/her Major program in in any University in Ukraine & Ex-USSR States, at Bachelor(Undergraduate), Masters(PG) or Ph.D level. Duration: 6-10 Months Medium of instruction : Russian/ Ukrainian language Application deadline : Accepted anytime all the year around Click here to know more about tuition fee and subjects studied more deatils about Preparatory Program Tuition fee of following majors after Preparatory Program: 1900USD ~ 3000USD
Mine Ventilation Labor Protection Exploitation of Minerals Mining Geo-mechanics Descriptive Geometry History
Minerals Concentration Mining Electrical Engineering and automation Mining Transportation Mining and Lifting devices Mining Machines Mining Hydro-lifting Devices and Hydraulics Higher Mathematics Theoretical Mechanics
Construction of the mines and the underground structures Geology Geo-informatics and geodesy Minerals Prospecting Technology and Machinary in Geologic Prospecting Mine Surveying
The Machine-Building Technology The Metalcuting Tools and Instruments The Basics of Machine Designing Mechanical Equipment of Ferrous Metallurgy Plants Resistance of Materials Metal-cutting Machine Tools & Systems (M) Technology of Machine-building (D) Technology of Machine-building (M) Welding (B) Welding Technology & Equipment (D)
Electrical Stations Electrical machines Electrical Supply for Industrial Cities Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Devices Electrical Systems and Networks Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering (M) General Electrical Engineering
Construction Materials Technology Ore Thermal Processes and Low Waste Technology Steel Metallurgy Electrical metallurgy and Converter Production Technical Heating Physics Pressure Metals Processing Industrial Heat-and power Engineering Physical Materials Science Physics Phycology Physico-Mechanical Physical & Biomedical Electronics (B) Physical & Biomedical Electronics (D) Physical & Biomedical Electronics (M) Plastic Metal Working (B) Plastic Metal Working (D)
General Chemistry Chemical Production Machines and Apparatuses Non-organic Matters Technology Physical and Organic Chemistry Chemical Technology of Solid Fuel Ecology
Business Organization Economics and Marketing Accounting and Audit Business Economics Management Economical Theory International Business Department Economics and Management of Enterprise Finances and Credit Business Administration
Automation and Telemechanics Automated Systems of Control Industrial Electronics Physical Training Software for Automated Systems (M)
Computers Applied mathematics and informatics Calculus Mathematics and Programming Philosophy Traffic Organization Information Systems and Technologies Computer Engineering (B) Computer Systems and Networks (D) Computer Systems and Networks (M) Electronic Systems (D) Electronics (B) Equipment for Light Industry & Consumer Services (D) Equipment for Light Industry & Consumer Services (M)
The English Engineering Faculty The German Engineering Faculty The French Engineering Faculty
Air Traffic Control (D) Aircraft Flight Operation (Pilot) Aircraft Operation (D) Manufacturing, Maintenance & Repair of Aircrafts & Aircraft Engines (D) Airport Equipment & Technologies (D) Air Navigation Service Systems (D) Air Transport Operation & Management (D) Aircraft Equipment (D) Airplanes & Helicopters (D) Biotechnical & Medical Equipment & Systems (D) Electro technical Systems of Power Consumption (D) Light Engineering & Sources of Light (D) Manufacturing, Maintenance & Repair of Aircrafts & Aircraft Engines (D) Marketing (D) Monitoring & Measuring Systems (D) Motorways & Aerodromes (D) Organization Management (D) Radio Communication, Broadcasting & TV Devices (D) Radio Electronic Devices, Systems & Complexes (D) Security & Automated Processing of Restricted Access Information (D) Sociology (D) Software for Automated Systems (D) Transport Operation & Management (D) Unauthorized Access Prevention Systems (D)
Air Transport Operation (Candace) Navigation & Air Traffic Control (CandSc) Theory & Teaching Methods of Vocational Training (CandSc)
Architecture Architectural Medium Design Monumental Decorative Art Municipal Construction and Economy Industrial and Civil Engineering Building Materials, Articles and Constructions Production Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering Protection of Environment in Civil Engineering and Building Materials' Production Highways and Airfields Real Estate Expertise and Management Mechanization and Automation of Construction Process Buildings' Planning Hydraulic Engineering Fire Safety Direction “Civil Engineering” Civil Engineering Traffic Engineering Bridges and Traffic Tunnels Life Safety in Force Majeur Circumstances Marine Oil and Gas Constructions Energy Supply of Enterprises Lifting and Transporting, Building and Road Machines and Equipment Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials and Coatings Standardization and Certification
Accounts Agricultural Management Business Business Administration Economics Finance Foreign Economic Activity Management Marketing
English Language (D) Russian Language (D) Pedagogies & Teaching Methods of Secondary School (Physical Training) (D) Pedagogies & Teaching Methods of Secondary School (Ukrainian Language & Literature) (D)
Accounting and Audit (M) Automated Control of Technological Processes (M) Bread-making, Confectionery, Macaroni & Food Concentrate Technology (M) Ecology & Environment Protection (M) Economics & Business Administration (M) Food Industry Equipment (M) Organization Management (M) Technology of Catering (M) Technology of Fermentation & Wine-making (M) Technology of Fish Storage, Canning & Processing (M) Technology of Fruits & Vegetables Storage, Canning & Processing (M) Technology of Grain Storage & Processing (M) Technology of Meat Storage, Canning & Processing (M) Technology of Milk Storage, Canning & Processing (M)
Agronomy Horticulture & Viticulture International Economic Management Organization Management Technology of Fruits & Vegetables Storage, Canning & Processing
Automated Control of Technological Processes & Production (B,D,M) Computer Science. Software for Automated Systems (B,D,M) Mechanical Engineering. Technology of Machine-building. Metal-cutting Tools (B,D,M)
Accounting, Activity Analysis & Audit (CandSc) Automation of Technological Processes (CandSc) Informatics, Computers & Automatics. Control Systems & Processes (CandSc) Technology of Machine-building. Dynamics & Strength of Machines (CandSc)