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Consular’s Questions

You must answer your intended program of studying in Ukraine
You must call the complete name as it appears on your invitation letter
Call the name of the city where you University is located.
Call the name of the city; it is visible in your Invitation letter as well. If you do not you must ask “Star Consultants Ukraine”
You must ask “Euro India Education” about the address, in case you do not know it, at least call the name of the city where university is located.
Call the name of the university, and call the official name of our company Private Enterprise, “Euro India Education”
Bachelor degree 4 years, Master’s degree 2 years, PhD 3 years, PG Medicine 2 or 3 years.
Call the name of the person mentioned in the “Sponsorship letter” you submitted with your file.
I read about it in the internet, and I liked it after the recommendation of intermediary company private Enterprise, “Star Consultants Ukraine”.
Your answer must be “NO, I’m returning back to home”
Yes, I do have complete tuition fee, accommodation fee and personal keep up money.
Yes, I will take all documents with me to Ukraine University.
Y: If you plan to do so, answer comprehensively.