Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management

Bachelor level: 4 years

Masters’ level: 2 years(Tuition fee 2600USD/year, and miscellaneous expenses for 1st yr only with accommodation: 2150USD)

Programs at Masters’ level:

  • Geodesy
  • Land Management and Cadastre
  • Geoinformation Systems and Technologies

Medium of instruction: English

Tuition fee break down for 1 st year.

Tuition fee
$2000 USD
* Invitation costs
$250 USD
* Courier Service charges
$50 USD
Visa Support/ Confirmation costs

(sent to Ukraine Embassies electronically at students’ location through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We give a copy of that Visa Support/ Confirmation to students as well.)

$50 USD
Health & Imigration Insurance costs
$100 USD
Hostel fee (May vary for some Universities) $600 USD for one year
Admission and Registration fee $50 USD
Consultancy Charges of our firm $500 USD
Airport pick up $100 USD
Total package (payment in EURO) Tuition fee
$3750 UDS

Tuition fee with accommodation from 2nd year 2600USD

Universities reserve the right to change tuition fee without any notification to intermediary companies, that’s always contact our office for current tuition fee.